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In case of a diamond gem, you can do a “breathing test” on it. If it leaves a mist after breathing on it, then it is a fake. If you put it on top of a piece of paper with text or writing on it and you are able to see clearly the printing through the gem, then it is not authentic. If you flash a light on the gem and it radiates light, then it could be a genuine diamond. You can also do a sand paper test; scratch the sand paper over the jewelry. If it leaves markings, then it is a fake.

You should be practical with the amount of money you are going to expect for those items. There are too many agents offering to buy gold, scrap gold or jewelry. Looking for gold buyers will not be difficult. Patience is needed if you want to get good rates for your items. The price of gold fluctuates. You need to know the basics of gold trading. Maybe you will know enough to be able to do a little buying and selling yourself.

It does not matter if you want confirmation that the necklace you bought is indeed an antique, or are only interested in the monetary value, the more prepared you are when scheduling a visit to a jewelry appraisal cost shop, the more accurate the value estimate will be.

If you don’t want to go to a great expense, you might take advantage of the useful ‘Do it Yourself’ ONLINE Valuation Self Appraisal Kit. At such a low fee (less than the price of a big Mac and Coke) it’s money well spent. Indeed, if you just purchased something on eBay or Yahoo auctions for example, you might wish to confirm an approximate value by using this easy to use valuation kit.

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The ‘walk through’ instructions are so easy my 6yr old Granddaughter completed the form in under ten minutes. (She had it all wrong of course) but it was under ten minutes.

Note: Make sure you choose a lender who can close your loan on time! Some sellers (bank owned homes) will charge the buyer -0 per day for every day that the loan doesn’t close on time!

The next best way to ensure safety of your jewelry when you wear it is to periodically check the clasps of necklaces and bracelets. If the item is heavy, get a safety chain attached to the item or change the clasp to something more secure. In particular, pearls need to be restrung periodically to ensure that the connecting string is secure.

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