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Suffice to say if you see a Brooch with four or five marks and one of them is an Anchor with an 18 next to it and a letter ‘C’ next to that. It’s a safe bet it was made in Birmingham in 1927, or was that 1952, or 1902, or, or, or..

I’m going to sell an antique strand of pearls and a potential buyer asked to know how the pearls were “signed”. Generally in old items and even some new, signed simply means some means of identification of the maker or designer. On antique glassware for example, a signature mark may be pressed or cut into the glass. Some antique costume jewelry is “signed” with a makers mark and that does increase the value if the maker is among the popular ones at the time.

Now the first thing is you didn’t mention WHAT QUALITY of Gold the Ring was made from? If it was made in 9ct or 12 kt – it would have a very different value than a ring made in 18ct or 22k for example.

Over 2800 years ago, the first diamonds were mined in India. The stones mined today are very old – at least 900 million years old. The oldest diamond is documented as being over 3 billion years old. No two stones are alike. Diamonds are each entirely unique.

You can also check the jewelry you are buying for the telltale Tiffany engraved emblem. You can also have your jewelry appraised by an expert. Any jewelry appraisal cost worth his salt will be able to spot a Tiffany fake a mile away. These tricks will help you stay ahead of the curve when purchasing Tiffany jewelry.

Sapphires are a favorite choice for engagement rings because of the emotions associated with them. Sapphire is symbolic of love, permanence, loyalty and trust. Sapphire is also the birthstone for those born in September, which provides even more sentiment to an already beautiful piece of jewelry.

One detail they forgot to tell you when they blamed the brokers is that all those lenders that claim they were lied to on all those loans that have gone bad because the value was inflated. They forget to tell you that they had appraisers on the inside reviewing all the appraisals that went in. Let’s just say for a minute that appraisers were harassed to give higher values and they all did it for fear of not getting any more appraisals from that client. Let’s say all the lies these guys are saying were true and realtors and loan officers held a gun to the appraisers head and demanded he value the home much higher than it was supposed to be.

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