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Sapphire is usually thought of as a deep blue gem. However, sapphire is found in many different shades of blue, as well as many other colors. Sapphires that are any color other than blue are called fancy sapphires. Fancy sapphires can be orange, yellow, green, pink, or purple. Red sapphires are called rubies.

You need a good clasp for any necklaces and bracelets. You risk losing your necklace, and the expensive stones attached to it, if your clasp fails. A safety clasp is available and is recommended for valuable bracelets and necklaces. Some opt for two or three clasps on their extremely valuable pieces of jewelry so that they stay safe during wear.

It is ideal that you put down at least 20% down payment of the house’s total value. If you put down certain percentage, you can save with the interest rate thus helping you save some money when you started paying the mortgage payments and interest rates to your lender.

The show will be open on Saturday, January 7, 9 am – 4 pm, and Sunday, January 8, 10 am – 4 pm. Admission is .50 per person; children 14 and under get in free. The event Center at Rustic Hills is located at 3960 Palmer Park Blvd. in colorado Springs.

Sapphires are found buried in the continents of Africa, Asia, Australia and South America. Growing in hard crystal clusters, they are laboriously mined and than turned over to a cutter. Sapphires are second only to diamonds in their hardness, which makes them easy to care for and virtually indestructible.

“Pearls.” Composition of a pearl and why care must be exercised in cleaning and wear. Pearls form naturally in both fresh and saltwater mollusks. The most well-known pearls are saltwater pearls formed inside various forms of pearl oysters. While “oriental” or totally natural pearls were the gems in ages past, pearl farming has led to a supply of cultured pearls which would be impossible from free ranging oysters and the efforts of pearl divers.

If you are not sure which applies to your particular situation, why not check our very helpful information section on ‘TYPES OF VALUATIONS’ at the Online jewelry appraisal cost Centre (address shown below).

For gemstones, you can use a 10x loupe, which is a small magnifying glass with varying magnification degrees. If you see tiny air bubbles, then it is not real. It is probably made of plastic or glass.

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