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Selling Gold Jewelry- Part I

A piece of jewelry that is of high quality is something that you may have for a lifetime. Keep your standards high and exercise patience if you want to find that perfect necklace, bracelet, or ring that you are going to cherish forever.

Gold is a safe haven investment against inflation and economic uncertainty, which is why we have seen the price of gold rising in recent times. Gold prices have risen about 70 percent over the last few years. Though the price has dipped since reaching record highs, prices are still bright.

Even if the store has advertised a different diamond, they will offer customers with a more expensive item as a replacement for the other item. Turn away and look for another item than staying and fall into this kind of trick.

I’m going to sell an antique strand of pearls and a potential buyer asked to know how the pearls were “signed”. Generally in old items and even some new, signed simply means some means of identification of the maker or designer. On antique glassware for example, a signature mark may be pressed or cut into the glass. Some antique costume jewelry is “signed” with a makers mark and that does increase the value if the maker is among the popular ones at the time.

The down payment is considered to be a lot of money. So, before you can put down your 20% down payment, you will need to save for it and some ways you can do to start saving for is by moving to a smaller apartment if you are living on a large one. Or if you don’t want to move, you can try having some renters. If you have renters, you can have extra monthly income which you can save.

The newbie in the area with a limited amount of experience, that’s who. The guy who’s willing to work for the miserable fees those national companies pay them. Remember we said an jewelry appraisal cost was 0 now they start at 0. For less experience you say. Yes!!! Keep in mind we just said the appraisals went up to 0. The appraisers fee for actually doing the work ranges from 150 to 175, about half what they used to make. The average appraiser would have to do double the work load to make a living.

Whenever using any product which contains bleach, you should never wear your rings or fine jewelry! The chemicals in bleach can cause silver, gold, and other metal alloys to chemically breakdown. Your jewelry will become irreparably damaged. Since there are chlorine (bleach) products in swimming pools and hot tubs, the same rules apply in regards to jewelry removal.

The letters “GF” means gold-filled and “HGE” for heavy gold electroplate. GF and HE pieces are of less value than those with markings like 14K and 10k. Pure gold is 24 Karats but it is too soft to hold the jewelry’s shape so most gold jewelry is mixed with other metals. The higher the K, the more gold mixed with the other metals.

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